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My Services

I specialize in custom designs, alterations and upcycling when needed most.

Dressmaking and Tailoring

Dressmaking and Tailoring

When the traditional offerings are not what you desire contact me for your specific needs.

  • Showcase your style and individuality

  • Determine your desired colour and style

  • Get custom designs that showcase your originality and uniqueness


Finetuning your attire to your desire or repairing or refreshing your clothing

  • Resizing and repairs

  • Replacing and repairing zippers

  • Replacing buttoms and refreshing hems and a whole lot more

  • Updating designs


Giving your clothing new life by repurposing its entire look and design

  • Transform an old pair of jeans into a new purse or skirt

  • Give new life to a sentimental item or much loved piece of clothing by transforming it into something else

  • Save the environment by upcycling

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